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Welcome to James Knapp's Wiki of Worlds! The main purpose of this wiki is to provide a series of 'World Bibles' for authors (or any other artists, gamers, etc) interested in creating stories in a shared world. Currently I am adding entries for my two published series, but may add others or even (if there's interest) open it up to other authors and their worlds.

The World of Revivors

The Revivors series (consisting of State of Decay, The Silent Army, and Element Zero) was my first series. A near-future Science Fiction thriller, it involves reanimated bodies (along with the secret they've uncovered), mind-manipulating psioncis, and augmented humans.

The Revivors Series

The World of the Haan

The Haan series was my second series (consisting of Ember, The Burn Zone, and Fallout). It takes place in an alternate future China where a mysterious alien race is stranded, and the often violent conspiracies that emerge from the human/alien alliance.

The Haan Series

Other Stuff?

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