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A list of body augmentations that exist in the Revivors universe.

Internal Armor: Used sometimes in the field, usually to protect the heart which is the favorite target of revivors outfitted with the standard revivor's bayonete.

JZ Implant: The 'Jackovski-Zhang' interface is a brain implant with connections to both the eyes and ears, as well as an advanced communications array. It allows users to communicate with remote JZ implants using text, voice, or both, as well as streaming audio and video. It is capable of recording audio and video for playback later, as well.

Muscle Augmentation: Provides increased muscle strength, as well as more durable ligament connections.

Optical Implant: Tied into the JZ Interface, optical implants allow a user to augment their sight in a variety of ways. They allow a user to zoom in on distant targets, use night vision, detect heat signatures, and even use a limited backscatter effect to peer through doors and walls.

Stim Capsules: For use in emergencies, this system allows the user to release a powerful stimulant into the bloodstream. The stimulant is so effective that is can allow even a dying soldier to fight (or flee) for a limited period of time.

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Page last modified on July 23, 2015, at 07:31 PM