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Arc Cutter: A handheld tool that uses a concentrated plasma arc to cut through metal, often padlocks or chains.

Bio Prosthesis: Donated body parts that have been infused with revivor technology and then grafted onto an amputee.

Inertial Dampener: A personal energy shield (often worn on the belt) that rapidly slows incoming projectiles, and is capable of stopping most firearm rounds. The energy required to do this is great enough that sustained fire can burn the shield out over time. Inertial dampening has no effect on heat or shockwaves, and so does not protect a user from fire or explosions.

Jackovski-Zaytsev Implant: The 'JZ' interface (often abbreviated to just 'JZI') is a brain implant with connections to both the eyes and ears, as well as an advanced communications array. It allows users to communicate with remote JZ implants using text, voice, or both, as well as streaming audio and video. It is capable of recording audio and video for playback later, as well.

Leichenesser: A chemical compound that breaks down necrotic tissue, converting it into a gaseous byproduct. Originally designed to clean infected or gangrenous wounds, it will continue to eat away at dead flesh while leaving living flesh completely intact. For this reason it was eventually weaponized for use by the military and law enforcement, in order to quickly destroy enemy revivors. In addition, all revivors produced by the UAC are implanted with an internal leichenesser capsule which can be broken via a remote command in the event of an emergency where they need to be taken offline quickly.

Light Warping Field: Generally built into clothing such as full body suits or cloaks, the LWF bends visible light around it which makes the wearer effectively invisible.

Memory Spike: A slim, cylindrical solid state storage device. An advanced version of the modern 'thumb drive'.

Noise Screen: An audio device that processes ambient noise and then reflects it back toward the source in real time. This has the effect of masking sound sourced from either side of it, so that those on one side of the screen can hear each other but no one on the other side. Often used in offices and restaurants to provide privacy.

Pocket Nukes: A nuclear device roughly the size of a cigarette pack.

Rail gun: A weapon that uses a series of magnetic fields to fire uranium or titanium slugs at ultra-high velocities. One of the few conventional weapons capable of punching through an inertial dampener, though only at close range. Also known as a gauss rifle.

Revivors: Human corpses which have been reanimated using revivor technology. The process involves a complete blood transfusion, replacing the original blood with a synthetic compound which also acts as a decomposition inhibitor. In the UAC, all revivors are processed by the company that developed the technology, Heinlein Industries. Since revivors are not legally allowed to be in the country, Heinlein packs them into stasis crates and then ship them overseas as soon as they are reanimated. All UAC revivors are outfitted with a collapsible blade hidden inside one of the forearms (sometimes both) which can be deployed at will with explosive force. UAC revivors are also outfitted with a command matrix which allows human agents to give remote commands, observe the world through their eyes and ears, and even take remote control of them if need be. Eventually, Heinlein Industries develops a new version of the technology (code named 'Huma') which allows a person to be 'primed' with the revivor tech, which will come online and reanimate them just moments after death.

Stasis Gel: A chemical gel that is capable of preserving living tissue indefinitely, even in the absence of oxygen.

The Eye: Nickname for the satellite that guards Heinlein Industries. It is capable of firing a series of energy beams from space that can hit even human-sized targets, vaporizing almost anything it hits.

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