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The Revivors trilogy consists of State of Decay, The Silent Army?, and Element Zero?. It follows the intertwined stories of FBI agent Nico Wachalowski, police detective Faye Dasalia, MMA cage fighter Calliope Flax, and a disturbed young woman who experiences visions of the future named Zoe Ott?.

The story takes place in an unspecified future, inside the United American Coalition (UAC) where the technology to reanimate the dead is used to create a massive military force. These 'Revivors' are outfitted with basic weaponry and communications systems, then shipped off to battlefields around the world to act as disposable foot soldiers. Citizens of the UAC live within a tiered social system (see below) where tax breaks and rights are awarded in return for military service, and one of the most popular ways for citizens to upgrade themselves is to sign over their body for use as a revivor soldier after their death.

At the time the story takes place, while revivors are created within the UAC it is actually illegal for them to be animate within its borders. The primary reason for this stems from the belief that if citizens are actually confronted with revivors in the flesh, they won't be quite as eager to sign their bodies over for reanimation. The reanimated soldiers are placed in a sort of temporary stasis, packaged in crates, and shipped overseas where they are stored until needed. Early in the series agent Nico Wachalowski investigates an illegal operation responsible for smuggling revivors back into the UAC for various black market uses (including prostitution), he stumbles on a much bigger conspiracy. Along with the revivors he discovers a huge arsenal, which leads him to believe someone wants the revivors for more than just slave labor or the sex trade. Someone is attempting to amass a revivor army inside the country.

His investigation leads him to cross paths with old colegue (and flame) Detective Faye Dasalia, who becomes involved when she investigates a mysterious assassination; a burned box truck is discovered in the city with its driver murdered and a back full of burned revivors - the very same revivors that were impounded by agent Wachalowski.

As the case goes on, third tier citizens Calliope Flax (who becomes involved with a young man targeted by the mysterious buyer of the illegal revivors) and Zoe Ott (who experiences visions of some kind of mass destruction involving revivors) are drawn into the conspiracy. Someone out there has learned a secret they were never meant to learn, and in turn kicked off a series of events which might result in the destruction of the entire city, if not the world.

The City

Revivors takes place in an unnamed East Coast city which acts as a sort of alternate New York City (though it contains no recognizable landmarks).

Notable Locations

Citizenship Tiers

In the world of Revivors, the United American Coalition (UAC) has three tiers of citizenship. Which tier any given citizen falls into depends entirely on their choice of whether or not to serve in the UAC military. Since the UAC is engaged in an ongoing war overseas (nicknamed 'The Grinder' by opponents and supporters alike), it is a decision that UAC citizens do not take lightly. While in theory it is supposed to be possible to also 'earn' your way from one tier to the next by increasing your taxable income, the reality is that it almost never happens. Those with the dreams of never committing to First or Second Tier and simply working their way up the chain generally find themselves stuck, and eventually opting into one of the two higher tiers.

First Tier

In order to qualify for First Tier Citizenship, a UAC citizen must actively serve in the UAC military which means doing at least one tour in 'The Grinder'. In return First Tier Citizens are allowed to keep any physical augmentations they received while in service (which can include increased strength, alternate vision modes, and a sophisticated internal communications system that allows them to stream conversations and video without the need for an external peripheral). They are also awarded large tax breaks, and access to lucrative jobs in both the government and private sector. The end result is that while not every First Tier becomes wealthy, pretty much only First Tiers ever get the chance to become so.

Second Tier

In order to qualify for Second Tier Citizenship, a UAC citizen does not have to actively serve in the UAC military but they must sign away their body to be converted into a revivor soldier after their death. Since it's a way to avoid poverty without risking their lives in battle, most UAC citizens take this option. In return, Second Tier Citizens get a modest tax break but without military augmentations they find themselves unable to compete for the best jobs. Second Tier generally results in a sort of lower middle class existence where they are comfortable enough, but heavy taxes and reduced opportunities still keep them from ever getting ahead.

Third Tier

Everyone else falls into the bucket of Third Tier Citizenship. Citizens who refuse to serve actively, and also refuse to serve after death, are still UAC citizens but with a heavy tax burden and limited access to education or higher-paying jobs. Third Tier is essentially the underbelly of the UAC, populated by the homeless, poverty-stricken, and mentally ill.


A full list of technology available in the Revivors universe can be found here.

The Factions

Three main 'factions' exist in this world. The ordinary humans (most of the main cast falls into this category, at least initially), the revivors, and the psionics. As the series progresses, the conflict which has simmered in the background until now comes to a head and goes from conspiracies and secret-keeping to all-out conflict.

Ordinary Humans



The Grinder

The seemingly never-ending war that takes place overseas is a backdrop of the world, driving the tiered citizenship model while also forwarding UAC interests around the globe. While it is never specifically said where the war takes place, it is implied to take place across various locations in both the Middle East and northeastern Africa. Both sides in the conflict make regular use of revivor soldiers, some controlled via a remote interface and some left to move freely. While it is considered a war crime to switch off a revivor's ghrelin inhibitor (leaving it in a state of perpetual hunger and encouraging it to feed on enemy soldiers) it happens with some regularity adding another horrific element to an already horrific conflict.

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