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Human Technology

Advanced Foodlots: An advancement on current tech. As a result of the overpopulation the country endured even before the Haan arrived, they've developed extremely efficient, high-yield foodlots on artificial islands off the coast.

Blue Shard: A military issue narcotic which provides a massive adrenaline spike. Used in emergencies by wounded or otherwise incapacitated soldiers.

Desalination Towers: An advancement on current tech, used to convert sea water into drinkable water.

Zen oil: An oil-based synthetic opiate, often smoked by first dipping the end of cigarettes or cigarillos into it. Pre-dipped tobacco products can also be purchased.

Haan Technology

The majority of the high-tech gadgets in the Haan universe come from the Haan themselves, doled out at regular intervals in return for the massive amount of food they require. Throughout the series, characters are seen to use the following alien technology:

Escher Fields: A sort of small jump gate field, only instead of leading to a separate location it leads to a remotely located storage bin. This allows users to open a field on their tablet screen, and when items are placed inside they are instantly transported to the storage bin. Anything can be sent through the field, provided it will fit through the field window.

Force Fields: The Haan keep an impenetrable force field sphere around their ship at all times. They have also been used to wall off smaller areas inside the city if need be. This technology has not been shared with humans, as the Haan consider it a security risk (the field around their ship is their main defense on Earth).

Genetic Plastic Surgery: Allows a custom encoded Haan scalefly to inject a retrovirus battery capable of altering human features on the fly (such as eye color, hair color, or breast size). This technology is on the Haan/Human roadmap, but has not yet been gifted.

Graviton Emitters: This tech was shared with humans early on, and they've found many uses for it since. The primary application is for flying vehicles.

Graviton Lens: A lens capable of focusing the Haan graviton tech in a localized area. When the Haan first arrived, they assisted the human locals in building massive graviton lenses aimed toward the haan ship. Since the Haan force field technology is incapable of stopping these fields, the lenses act as a sort of killswitch - the Haan knew that after the millions they inadvertently killed upon arrival, as well as their massive food requirements from a starving populace, the humans would need a major show of faith. The graviton lenses give the human government a position of power, since they can destroy the haan in the event of an emergency. However, since that would end the flow of technology it is seen as highly unlikely any administration would do this. Citizens also have their doubts that the Haan are as vulnerable to the lenses as they say, but this hasn't been proven.

Smaller applications include crowd-control graviton guns which, when aimed at a subject and triggered, can increase that person's weight by up to twenty times effectively incapacitating them.

Graviton Plating: Graviton plating is often mounted on buildings, allowing people to walk up the side of them for maintenance purposes.

Haan Rations: As time went on, the Haan developed more efficient rations for humans so that they could get more nutrients with less waste (leaving more for the Haan).

Jump Gates: Effectively teleportation portals, these appear throughout the city as free-standing doorways - by using a key known as a twistkey, a remote destination can be called up from a stored list. Once the destination is synced, stepping through the portal will transport the subject instantly to the destination portal. Jump gates are used at the street level to move foot traffic around the city more quickly, and larger ones are used to transport vehicles. Smaller versions of the gates are used in Escher Fields (see above), and also for 'black holes' which are destinations only accessible via jump gates, usually for security reasons.

Lightpaint: Paint which glows. Carefully applied lightpaint can also be programmed to display moving light patterns. Often used on vehicles.

Nutrient Reclamation Wand: When used on organic material (even living organisms) it causes a biological chain reaction which causes the subject to collapse upon itself. Consumable material (flesh, blood, bone, etc) is condensed, while waste product is sublimated as a gas. Any contained water is shed as byproduct, which itself is generally harvested. The organic blob left behind is ready for immediate consumption.

Surrogate Mites: Implanted inside humans who take part in the Haan surrogate program, this array of microscopic transmitter/receivers allow a human to form an empathetic bond with a haan (usually a haan child)

Twistkey: A device used to select a destination from a jump gate.

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